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Right Choice in Elderly Care in Seaford at Westerleigh Nursing Home

A nursing home is a place for the elderly to be taken care of during their later stage of life. Hence, the most important thing when it comes to a nursing home is the quality of care and the attention the elderly get.

How to make the decision to choose the right nursing home?

A nursing home is a place for people who don't need to be in hospital and don't want to, but at the same time can't be cared for at home. In that sense, one needs to decide whether they fit into this category before choosing a nursing home. Westerleigh Nursing Home at Seaford recognises that making the decision to live in a new environment at a nursing home for most people is a major challenge. At Westerleigh we understand the challenges that you face in the elderly stage of your life and such that our staff are trained in a way to make the elderly feel as comfortable as possible.
Westerleigh Nursing Home have clear values for our elder residents to ensure they are given choice and autonomy, and are treated with respect, sensitivity and dignity at all times.

Making the right choice; Why choose Westerleigh?

• Specially trained staff both in medical and social care
• State of the art facilities to support the elderly
• CQC approved for the quality in care
• Our commitment to care for the elderly
• Serving the entire community of Seaford and Brighton
• Covering a major population of elders such as old age and not falling within any other category or physical disability.

An open invitation to visit our home

Westerleigh Nursing Home wishes to invite anyone who is interested in our home, to visit at their convenience. However, if you book in advance we can make sure that the manager is available to answer your queries and take you on a guided tour. Call us on 013 2389 2336to book your time slot. This will be an ideal opportunity for you and to your guardians to look at possible residential care, nursing care and day care options.